Workbook 2012

Please Read:
In order to use this link you must have completed the following:
1. Come in person to one of our offices to register, place a phone order, or online order for the adult high school diploma program. (Teen program is not available online)
2. Submit in person, fax, or email a copy of your ID.
3. Pay all fees.
4. Sign our Refund Notice. If registered online or over the phone then you can mail the refund notice when you turn in all of your work.
You will receive stamped Scantrons and we will keep records of your registration on file so that Marque can keep track of every student to make sure the above steps have taken place.
You must use the stamped Scantrons that Marque provides to you.
Essays and short stories can be handwritten or typed on your own paper.
Please call our corporate office at 713-453-0310 if you require any assistance.
Click on the LINK below to get started.
Workbook 2014
Thank You,
Marque Staff
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