MLC Graduates


How many credits to do I need to graduate? You will need a total of 26 credits in order to graduate.

Will Marque Learning Center transfer existing credits from my previous high school? Yes, Once enrolled in our program we will request your transcripts and transfer over any earned credits from your previous High School.

What time period do I have to complete the program?

We understand that adults have work schedules, children, and other obligations to attend to, so 17 years or older will work in our self-paced program. Meaning there are no time limits. You may work as much or as little as your schedule allows.

Students aged 14-16 years will follow a regular high school semester schedule.

Who are you accredited by?

Currently we are accredited by National Private Schools Accreditation Group and are in the process of seeking additional accreditation.

How much is the program?

Our tuition is set below industry standards to help meet the budgets of the majority of our students. Please call one of our locations for current pricing.  

What colleges can I attend?

We are a home school located in Texas and by Texas law you will be able to attend any Community College or University located in Texas.

Please note we do not guarantee acceptance into Trade or Tech schools at the moment.  

How do I check my results?

On our homepage there is a link called "Student Status. Simply click the link and type either the last 4 of your social, your birthdate (ex. 06/04/84), or your name and you will find your current student status.

How can I obtain my transcripts?

You can call your previous school and request a copy of your transcript.  In many cases you can go to their office and pick up your transcript.

Can I enroll if I do not live in Texas?

Yes, you may enroll with our program. Although many out of state colleges and employers accept home schooled students we cannot guarantee acceptance of our program out side of Texas at this time.

What if I have additional questions about the program or courses?

Feel free to call us 713-453-0310 or 713-477-1027 and we can assist you.

Will employers accept a Marque Learning Center diploma?

About 98% of all employers accept home schooled diplomas and the other 2% require you graduate from a public school or obtain a GED.

Do you have other locations?

Yes, we have several locations to serve you. Please call for hours and directions or you may click our Contact Us tab. 

Houston Corporate Office 713-453-0310                 

Southeast     713-644-1916

Northwest    713-471-5078 

Aldine          713-471-7206

Southwest     713-471-5802


Can you fax transcripts to my Community College or University?

We are able to fax transcripts but it is not recommended. Our school seal will not show up on a fax machine. The best way to submit your transcripts is to pick up an official copy of your transcripts or have us mail them to your school directly.

What is your school code?

Because we are a home school we do not have a numeric school code so in the school code field write "Home School".

Do I need a social security card to enroll?

No. As long as you have some type of ID card issued by your state/country then you will be able to enroll. Any USA, Mexico, or any other country ID is acceptable.

What do I need to enroll?

  1. a valid ID (driver's license, birth certificate or any goverment issued ID)
  2. green card or resident alien card (matricula, passport)
  1. Parental permission
  2. A valid ID or Birth Certificate

What if I do not have a Texas ID?

Any state or country ID will be acceptable.

How long does the grading take?

Grading time is usually longer during July, Aug, and Dec due to the number of students needing to graduate in order to start college for the following semester.

Other months it will take approx. 2 weeks for results and 1 additional week for your diploma to arrive.

How old do you have to be in order to enroll?

Our program is available for students aged 14 and older.

Our oldest graduate to date is 92 yrs old!

Do I have to take the TAKS or any test once all the courses are completed?

All college bound students will need to take the ACT Test Prep which will be provided to you.

Non-college bound students under 21 years will take a TAKS Preparation Exit Exam.

How can I get my GPA?

Ask your admissions rep and they will get your GPA for you.

What are your office hours?

Our hours are listed on the contact us link.

Can I join the military?

You must complete 20 college credit hours before joining the military.

Note: You will enlist at a higher rank and receive more pay if you have 20 college credit hours.

Do I have to schedule an appointment?

No appointment is necessary but it is helpful if you schedule an appointment with an admissions rep if you wish to enroll in person.

Can I go to a Trade/Tech school?

At this time we can only guarantee acceptance into a traditional college or university. We do not guarantee acceptance into a Trade/Tech school. Please call an admissions rep for more details concerning admissions into a trade/tech schools.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Money Order, Credit/Debit Card

Can I get a refund?

Please call your admissions office for detailed refund information.

Can someone else register me?

Yes, all they need is a copy of your ID and tuition fee. Once enrolled we will email you a form to sign authorizing us to obtain your transcripts from your previous High School. 


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